Procedure / FAQs

How much time does the procedure take?​

  • The procedure takes about an hour

What does the procedure consist of?

  • 5 days before the procedure the patient takes 2,000 IUs of Aphanizomenon to help release adult stem cells into the blood
  • On the day of the procedure the patient’s blood is drawn in our clinic and the cells are separated for injection in our lab
  • In some cases FDA approved fillers may be used to temporarily fill in deep facial folds and wrinkles, allowing the fillers to act as a scaffold to stimulate the formation of new collagen and deliver a more permanent result
  • After the injection of the natural PRP to volumize the folds and wrinkles, the remaining cells are bathed onto the skin
  • A Dermaroller is used to slightly impregnate the skin with these cells
  • A cool collagen mask is applied to the treated area
  • Once the procedure is finished the patient is free to return to normal activities

How many treatments do I need?

  • Many patients will achieve their desired result after just one treatment
  • To ensure your satisfaction, a future touch up treatment may be recommended

Are there any side effects?

  • Normal injection-related reactions such as mild irritation, swelling, itching, bruising  or tenderness at the injection site may occur. These conditions typically resolve on their own.


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